6PK Touch Free Dirt Grip Washable Microfiber Pad Replacememt Compatible with Shark Lift-Away & Genius Steam Mop S3973 S3973D S5002Q S5003A S5004 S6001W S6002 S6003D Part# XTP184 & P184WQ


The replacement touch free dirt grip washable microfiber pad is compatible with Shark Lift away Pro Steam Pocket Mop S3973 S3973D S3973WM & Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System S5002Q S5003A S5003D S5003CO 40 S5004 S5004W S6001W S6001WM S6002 12 S6002C S6003D S6003W, Replaces Part # XTP184 and P184WQ.

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