How to properly wash children’s toys

How to properly wash children’s toys
  1. Plastic toys

Plastic is a commonly used material in the toy manufacturing industry. There are two main types of plastic toys: soft plastic and flexible plastic.
For hard plastic toys, moms can use appliances such as dishwashers and strong running water to clean. But with soft, water-resistant children’s toys, mothers should only use a wet cloth to wipe them clean and dry them again. Then dry in the sun to kill bacteria.
To clean baby toys more effectively, mothers can soak toys in a mixture of water mixed with a little vinegar, lemon, or salt before starting to clean.

2. Cotton and fabric toys
Types of children’s toys made of cotton or fabric can be mentioned as stuffed animals, cloth dolls, cloth books, pillows to lull them to sleep… To properly clean baby toys, mothers should put them in a cloth bag and machine wash with baby laundry detergent. After that, the mother brought the toys to dry directly in the sun to kill bacteria and help the toys smell like new.

3. Electronic toys with batteries
Many parents feel embarrassed when cleaning electronic toys for their children. These toys often include many small details and electronic components inside. Toys such as remote control cars, remote control airplanes, and robot toys can be mentioned. If the mother does not clean them properly, it is not possible to remove all the dirt, bacteria, and easy to make things. spoiled play.

With electronic toys, mothers should use a clean cloth soaked with a little vinegar or alcohol and then gently wipe the details. In addition, mothers can use a laptop cleaning brush or a toothbrush to sweep the dirt in small details and slots on toys more easily.

Note, after cleaning the baby’s toys with solutions such as vinegar, alcohol, the mother must use a dry cloth to wipe it again so as not to affect the quality of the toy.

4. Wooden toys
For small children, wooden toys are the first choice because of their safety and quality. Moreover, wooden toys are durable and friendly to the environment and health. Some familiar wooden toys such as block toys, puzzle toys…

However, cleaning wooden toys for children also needs a secret. Mothers should not immerse or soak wooden toys in water because it will cause the paint to peel off and be easily damaged. In addition, mothers should not use hard objects to rub vigorously when cleaning wooden baby toys or drying toys in places with direct sunlight. The best way is to use a vinegar solution to soak a towel to clean, then wipe it again with a dry towel.

The ways to clean toys for children above are simple but extremely effective. Please save and clean your baby’s toys periodically to remove dirt, harmful bacteria, and keep your baby happy and healthy.

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